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Modern Japanese Cuisine

Order A La Carte or Let Us Pick for You

Our menu at Argyle Bar & Restaurant is designed to tantalise your taste buds, offering an array of dishes that pay homage to Japanese culinary artistry while embracing modern innovation. The dishes range from fresh sashimi and sushi, expertly prepared by our sushi chefs, to heartwarming ramen and yakitori from our grill.

Set Lunch Menu

Delve into the depths of Japanese cuisine with Argyle Bar & Restaurant's meticulously curated set menu. This multi-course journey combines iconic Japanese dishes with local Australian produce, presenting a harmonious blend of flavours, textures, and culinary innovation.

A La Carte Menu

Experience the diversity and creativity of our à la carte menu at Argyle Bar & Restaurant. Each dish is an artful blend of traditional Japanese cuisine and contemporary Australian ingredients, offering a taste experience that's both familiar and unexpectedly delightful.

Dinner Set

Our exclusive Dinner Set is available at limited times and by reservation only. Experience our best food options available in an intimate setting, a truly unique experience that sure to satisfy.

Drinks Menu

From the carefully curated sake list showcasing Japan's finest breweries, to the innovative cocktails inspired by Japanese and Australian flavours, each drink tells its own story. Explore our menu, and let our drinks elevate your dining experience to new heights.